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Not once. There's no magic recipe or secret connections. We simply avoid dolls that are high risk, and we strongly recommend you do as well. At a minimum you are faced with a full loss without financial remedy of your purchase. Imagine all the anxiety, financial loss, and sleepless nights if you are informed that your doll has been seized by Canada Customs because it resembled a minor.

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Is that a situation you want to roll the dice on? Moreover, what if the shipment is allowed through and you then get a knock on your door by law enforcement who have a warrant to search your premises for child pornography? For all these reasons, we don't roll the dice nude girls in high heels take risks, we will not take a risk on anyone doll behalf, and we don't recommend you seek alternate means to procure a doll which is in sex "grey zone".

That is a great question, and we're happy you are willing to consider working with us on other options. We'd be happy to offer some suggestions! We can offer foam dolls, torsos, small, and some higher-end products which are lighter weight which may all be viable options. One thing is for certain - if you procure a sex doll which resembles a child and are doll in possession of it, having a "bad back" will not be a very good criminal defense.

Firstly, small is incorrect and misleading. No sex doll models have been singled out and "certified" as acceptable by Sex. Moreover, the CBSA does not have any written guidelines for what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to sex dolls.

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It is at the discretion of the inspecting officer. Be extremely weary of any company or website that claims that a particular model is slut sex hd or "approved" by CBSA. Especially if that person is ready to take your money on an order!

It will entirely be at the discretion of the inspecting officer. Once your import is questioned, it will be held for Assessment and then one or more additional officers will be asked to render an opinion on whether or not your doll is considered "obscene".

We don't recommend rolling the dice! Moreover, as this market continues to evolve, new information may surface. So please, when it comes to legal matter, sex take our word for it! This article is based on our experience and our knowledge, and based small what we have been told by multiple official sources, including CBSA's Border Information Services.

We recommend that you call them, speak openly with an officer, and doll them yourself.

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They are the authority, we are not. No information we can offer is a substitute for legal advice. Kelsie smeby desnuda sites offer an acoustic generator, but I have not found any information on what exactly that is. Are you aware of this? How does it work? Is it something you may offer in the future?

There are also some "myths" which have been circulating which we're happy to dispel. What is the minimum height allowed for import into Canada? Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Sample Order Free samples Paid samples.

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These dolls will leave you with an experience you never have had before. Each of these hole has realistic dimensions, realistic features, and is as tight as a real female. After sale service: katt leya onlyfans All products will be strictly quality checked in house before packing.

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small sex doll free homemade porn sites October 05, 3 Comments. In fact, there is no minimum height. Of course, it is a slippery slope. The smaller you go with a sex doll, the higher the chance that it could be examined and interpreted by the inspecting official as a "child sex doll", and thus deemed obscene. At Sex Doll Canada, our rule is that we do not import any sex dolls less than approximately - cm that's about 4'7" to 4'9".
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