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Steve Dean, an online dating consultant, says the person you just matched with on a dating app or site may not actually be a real person. Here's my phone. You can call me here.

Met someone online? you could be chatting to a bot

Then in a lot of cases those phone s that they'll send could be a link to a scamming site, they could be a link to a live cam site. Malicious bots on social media platforms aren't a new problem. According to the security firm Impervain As dating apps become more popular with humans, bots are homing in on these platforms too. It's especially insidious given that people dating apps seeking to make personal, intimate connections.

Dean says this can make an already uncomfortable situation more stressful.

Chatbots speed up tinder dating scams

What are you doing with my attention while I'm in your app? Are you wasting it?

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Are you driving me toward that I don't care about? Are you driving me toward fake profiles?

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Not all bots have malicious intent, and in fact many are created by the companies themselves to provide useful services. Imperva refers to these as "good bots.

Guy gets a message from a dating site bot, sees how far he can take the conversation

And we're also aware of that happening in the industry at large with bots not built on our platform. Malicious bots, however, are usually created by third parties; most dating apps have made a point to condemn them and actively attempt to weed them out.

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Nevertheless, Dean says bots have been deployed by dating app companies in ways that seem deceptive. This is what Match. As the technology becomes more sophisticated, some argue new regulations are necessary.

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Currently, only California has passed a law that attempts to regulate bot activity on social media. The B. But Kunze believes that even though it's a necessary step, it's hardly enforceable. So even though legislators are waking up to this issue, and just starting to really scratch the surface of how severe it is, and will continue to be, there's not a way to control it currently other than promoting best practices, which is that bots should disclose that they are bots.

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That dating app profile you're swiping on may not actually be human

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