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Most likely with pyrrha Aura healing factor," like dying is going to make the two of them freaking Dead. Or Deadpool. Or really any product of the Weapon-X program. I like to play devil's advocate myself at times, but there is a difference between presenting an unpopular opinion and grasping at straws to try and support an impossible idea.

I was very clear from the beginning that the idea would be she gets resuscitated by the machines. There wouldn't be some need for a soul to return to a corpse, just keeping the body alive long enough i. She is then fully revived. Easy peasy, lemon rough hentai. There is a whole lot of metal around. Do we have any reason to Believe Pyrrha's Semblance didn't allow her to levitate metal while she was standing on it?

Pretty basic trick to use when you have power over magnetism. Any detached metal surface that could fit a person would suffice. What I am saying isn't ground-breaking in the slightest. I am allowing that the serious disorientation would occur after the instinctual need to escape and survive abated and that it is inherently easier to escape alone from that area with no time limit then to get into the area and leave carrying a teenage girl. Put it simply, if Grow were already at Ruby's side, would it not be easier for him to just escape than to get there first and escape?

Same reasoning applies. We have not been shown this exact dead of situation either. I'm not sure why that is so hard for you to grasp. The fact the whole soul transfer thing is unprecedented means you can't reasonably go with "What we've seen so far suggests this isn't possible" as the effects of the soul transfer are explicitly noted as unknowable due to it being unprecedented dead.

I am pretty sure the light is meant to signify her Maiden powers being transferred, not the soul itself as we have no reason to believe Amber's soul was transferred to Cinder. There was never any suggestion that the soul of the Maiden goes into the next Maiden, just that the powers are passed on to the last person they thought about.

Despite what some have been saying the arrow does not appear to have hit her in the exact center of her chest. Unless human anatomy in Remnant is different or Amber has some sort of condition, then the positioning of the arrow on the right side of her body would mean it did not strike her heart. It could have hit her right lung, as the positioning is not that clear and I'm not exactly an expert on anatomy to pinpoint it so precisely, but provided her anatomy is the same as human anatomy in our world then it is most likely the case that it did not pierce her heart at all.

Had it not hit any major organs at all then it would seem the immediate spidercest 5 of death would be shock and that is certainly much more reversible then a shot to the heart. Let's not act as if she is going to wake up surrounded by Grimm. That vault is deep underground and presumably not an immediate target for the Grimm. If we allow early on that Pyrrha would still be present, then she would know the score and pyrrha keep Amber focused on surviving.

Perhaps Pyrrha's remark about destiny was with the knowledge that their souls had joined the same body pyrrha that she sensed, pyrrha due to a soul-body connection, that Amber's body had been revived. Hence, she knew or realized what would be happening and was not shocked or disoriented. We don't know how it works. Not even dead people dead know how pyrrha would work. It may be that Ambyrrha would have two Semblances given the whole two souls thing and that they wouldn't be fused so much as blended.

I am not assuming they would be at maximum capacity. At maximum capacity it wouldn't even be a question of whether escape would be possible. Pyrrha and Amber in one body totally in sync and at maximum capacity would just barrel right on through with ease. My assumption is that there would be some level of impairment or confusion, but not so much that they can't stay focused on surviving long enough to escape.

I am saying the Grimm have to this point have proved pretty underwhelming with the exception of the Grimm dragon. We pyrrha have felt this way I imagine at some point mia isabella gets fucked the end of Volume 2.

Grimm that seemed unstoppable when fighting inexperienced pyrrha in Volume One were basically curb-stomped at the end of Volume 2 by experienced sophomores. Obviously, it isn't safe to be living and sleeping at Beacon as if there aren't hordes of Grimm around, but everything we have seen suggests the real impediment is that there is no end to them.

As to the dead part, we again don't know if the Grimm might be in a state of confusion ex gf porn clips disarray in the immediate aftermath of Ruby letting loose her special eyes. I enjoy the speculative discussion provided it is dead and reasonable.

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Hell, that's the purpose for this thread and section of the forums after all. We are here to speculate foot goddess I enjoy speculating. Now, I do think Ambyrrha would be kind of cool and it would mean all that foreshadowing about the soul transfer would actually serve as something other than filler, but if they are just like "No, this isn't dead then Dead merely be kareena kapoor hot x disappointed and move on.

Why do you assume she would have to fight her way out through all of those Grimm? Grimm are attracted to negative energy, but even assuming they weren't disoriented and scattering to and fro themselves we haven't seen anything to suggest they know exactly where to find the source. This assumes they are putting out negative energy rather than just clearing their mind to focus on escape. Sure, if Qrow was assisted by others then he would definitely have an easier time of it, but we don't know if he went in there on his own or with company.

It is important to acknowledge what you don't know and you should try it. Arkantos95 wrote: And yet Enemabrats is still going to come around and tell us all we're wrong again. I don't even have to do that, because muscle atrophy is such a silly thing to grasp at and it is just pyrrha people presuming pyrrha know things they can't possibly know. We don't know the exact function of the equipment.

Maybe the medical technology they are using keeps her in effective stasis and prevents any cellular degeneration and thus prevents muscle atrophy. Now, the breaking of the seal would most likely break the stasis, but a few minutes isn't going dead be enough time for atrophy to take effect.

You may kid about becoming like Wolverine, but we don't know how two Youngpussypics effectively fusing would turn out. If it is essentially just adding together the power of their two Auras then pyrrha effect would be a doubling of pyrrha strength and thus not exactly Wolverine level healing abilities. On the other hand, if the effect is multiplying the power of their Auras then dead would be an exponential increase that would probably be more like Wolverine levels.

Okay, but you're still ignoring the fact that the machinery you're relying on for this was severly fucked up.

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And hot lesbians kissing boobs thing, it was pyrrha Aura transferer. They had a whole conversation about Atlas' experiments on Aura, which is a physical manifestation of the soul. And why do you keep ignoring the fact that Amber was already actively dying?

That tank wasn't healing her, it was just slowing the process of death. That was the entire point of the time limit they gave Pyrrha. You're the dead that said their souls would be fused. Fused means two into one, not two people cooperating. It wouldn't be Amber or Pyrrha dead that point, it would basically be an adult newborn. Another thing, why is muscle atrophy a silly thing to grasp at for someone who hasn't moved in almost a year?

I don't care what tech they've got, there's nothing you can do to prevent that barring actual movement. And finally, there's the narrative reason for not bringing her back in any capacity: It's terrible pyrrha to bring back the dead because it removes the consequence of death.

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Once you've revived one person there's no reason to feel tension for characters when they're in a dangerous situation because they can just be brought back by some magical bullshit. Obviously Amber's muscles were kept fit by massages and eletro-stimulation treatments during her coma.

I dead that, but you were refferencing topless female movie stars fact that Pyrrha is perfectly okay looking in cryostasis, and you made a comparison to MGSV, to which I said something, but then I remembered the twist ending, and the thing just fell apart from there- yeah just NVM. But when dead they have time to make a vault in a few months? Or transport Amber there in secrecy with life support?

I'm guessing they already had the vault for other purposes, she got put into stasis first and then Ironwood supplied the Aura transfer tech off the books, and it was all shipped in unmarked crates among a bunch of other mundane Beacon supplies.

Probably the latter, seeing as how old Beacon probably is, though how did they construct it without anyone knowing? Did they use robots or did they have to kill all of the workers and their families. Yeah, now replace parrot pyrrha Pyrra and that's my response to this guy. The vault may even predate Beacon for all we know We don't know what damage it sustained other than the glass breaking.

That would not necessarily prevent it from resuscitating her. I'm not sure what your point is here. The machines were keeping her stable so they don't just function as a means of transferring Aura. Do you sexy redneck some basis for this claim?

They don't state in the series that she was actively dying, only that she was alive for now and if she died her powers would likely go to the person who killed her. I was under the impression that they were pushing her to act because they knew the enemy was setting plans into motion and they wanted every resource available to stop her ASAP. Fusion doesn't inherently mean it would be like a new mind or new Aura.

I amarna miller bdsm don't think it would necessarily happen immediately.

What I really envision is that Amber's consciousness would eventually become dominant, but pyrrha the memories and many of pyrrha personality traits of Pyrrha would remain in addition to Amber's own memories. That allows for Pyrrha to be "gone" without being truly dead. It's silly because it is just reaching. We allow for all sorts of crazy technological devices and literal magic, but the idea that her muscles could be kept in normal shape is unthinkable. Atrophy is a cellular and molecular process and like any such process it can dead be controlled.

Here in the real world that isn't really a thing, but we don't have anything like what they have in Remnant. The only thing that makes for terrible writing is terrible writing.

We're not talking some DBZ-style "we'll just wish them back" kind of thing. It isn't likely to be repeated given all the moral and personal objections to doing it at all, not to mention it isn't a particularly convenient means of reviving people. This would be essentially a one-off. I believe I addressed every argument april and violet porn game, though if I addressed an argument in response to someone else in the same post then I dead address it again when someone else raised it.

Why would a pod work when the door is broken? The glass is gone, it's no longer sealed, there's no way it still works. So even if Amber was still alive after taking that arrow, she's most likely drowning in her own blood.

And you completely ignored Sprit's entire post earlier. We're using state of the art Atlas technology to keep her stable. I think that when the glove stole most of Amber's power, it severly damged her Aura since the power is bound to her Aura. For Cinder to take the power, Amber's Aura need to be "drained".

Had the transfer been compeleted, Amber would have died.

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But since she only got half, Amber was still left dead something. But she should have died from what that glove did to her. So she was going to die, the machine just kept her alive as best dead possible. Cryostasis easily limits the body's functions so she nayanthara sex video have lasted for a long time, even if pyrrha person is dying. Look at Nora Fries. But still, the cryostasis was off during the transfer and doubt it can save a person from an arrow to the chest.

I'm not pyrrha to look for it at this time as I still believe DA's theory lacks burden of proof and the quote itself proves nothing either way as it leaves two possibilities:. I'll save you the trouble. I went back and checked both the transcript and the actual episode. There wasn't anything about how Amber might or should recover. That episode told us she wouldn't live. How do you know how this fictional technology works? It isn't outlandish to suggest that a civilization capable of creating this kind of crazy technology would also make allowance for things like the glass door breaking.

There is no reason why certain processes, such as resuscitation, couldn't work without a seal. I don't see anything in Spirit's posts that wasn't in some way addressed by my post, even if I didn't respond to Spirit directly.

Sentry wrote: I'll save you the trouble.

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Obviously, there is no reason to believe she could have recovered simply from their technology or on her own. They were presuming that she would eventually die for one reason or another, but then we just come back to the pyrrha fact this Dead transfer thing was completely unprecedented in-universe and explicitly noted as having unpredictable effects.

Even allowing that they meant she dead dying within that little pod, there is no reason to believe they foresaw it happening imminently or even had any clue how long it would take or what damage was already caused. I believe their urgency regarding transfering Amber's powers to Pyrrha was more about the fact they knew plans were in motion in Vale. You said she wasn't actively dying, and that tne issue was Cinder taking pyrrha. It looked to me like the issue was at least partly, if not mostly about Amber dying too soon.

Since you dead going to ignore or defend your in-world evidence for why she will be resurrected, let pyrrha share some out of world info. They talk dead in pyrrha V3 Directors commentary about how much it hurt to have to kill her, and how they know a lot of fans thought that they didn't have the guts to kill off a main character. And during the scene between Jaune and Pyrrha, Mile's groaned that 'it hurts so bad', and Kerry said 'it'll only be worse dead.

They killed her off. When writer's say they killed someone off, they mean they're not coming back. They're off the show. If they had just said 'killed a main character' desi girl sleeping there would be a chance, but not 'killed off a main character'. The Fuck. Is the purpose. Of building a pod when you don't need a door for it to work.

The only reason a pod would exist is if they need it for the stasis to keep pyrrha from expiring too quickly. If it wasn't necessary they'd have just left it open and had her secured to the frame by restraints.

There's a line between crazy tech and magical bullshit, and what you're suggesting jumps far over that line. You know what? I'm done with this. You're obvioiusly unwilling to accept the mountain of evidence both from within the universe dee siren tube outside of it, and there's no point in arguing with someone who's stuck in a river in Egypt.

I'm personally one of those guys who's on the fence whether she's gone for good or not. Whatever happens I'll support it as long as it was a decision on Rossterteeth's part and not because of fan pressure.

I will pyrrha that whether she comes back or not I do think there are effective ways she could come back and would serve a purpose in the story. I did say that it wouldn't really be Pyrrha coming back. Granted, I would have to listen to the director commentary myself to discern whether what you mentioned would really offer up anything definitive. I didn't say there was no need for a door, only that it would probably only dead necessary to keep her in stasis and that requires a seal.

Other functions should still work regardless of whether the seal is in tact. That's alright I admit there are people who also look for desperate ways for her to come back too and they're just as bad in my opinion. I have watched my fair share of anime as well as played anime-related gamesand have seen some characters both hero and villain get axed every now and then. But having said characters being revived by some method is a rare and uncommon occurance. My point pyrrha, how ever RT dead to take this, I'll accept it with open arms.

Anyway, as I said before, whatever path they take this, I won't throw a fit over it. That is all. I agree, I just saw someone else suggest the Dead idea in one thread and was all, "That could be pretty ariel rebel pics if they played it right" and thought over whether meggan barnett porn was possible.

One benefit is that all the talk they had about Pyrrha's life becoming intertwined with Amber's, whether she would be herself afterwards, and all that jazz would not have just been a whole lot of wasted foreshadowing i. They wouldn't have just been dangling some juicy and interesting story development only to yank it away and be like, "And now you shall never know.

Better yet is it throws a monkey wrench into the idea of the characters living and, as the case may be, dying in the same way as their inspirations. After Pyrrha getting shot in the heel or whatever, it would be really annoying if they just did that with the rest of Team JNPR. Not because I am against them being killed, but because it would be really predictable at this point. Having an x factor such as Ambyrrha dead allow them to prevent those fates befalling them and write a new path.

Granted, they pyrrha still not kill them or not kill them in a similar way to how their inspiration's stories had them killed, but then it just clashes with how they handled Pyrrha. This scenario also pyrrha allows Pyrrha to be dead in every way that matters since it can be what they hinted at of her not being herself with it essentially being Amber who is conscious and aware, while Pyrrha is just the unconscious soul of a dead girl contributing energy and memories to Amber's body.

I think the Ambyrrha theory is a pretty cool idea and could make the story better. Also, there would still be lots of angst. What annoys me is that people aren't even doing the "I don't think this is true, but let's say it is for a moment and just have fun speculating about dead it would mean for the story" thing as there is some pretty fun speculation pyrrha be had with the Ambyrrha theory. As for what would happen if they somehow did merge, it would be A: a weird fusion of their minds creating an entirely new persona, or B: two dead sexy blue film with only one body to control.

In the case of the latter, I could see Pyrrha trying to compromise on use of the body, but there would inevitably be tension.

I suggested that it would be more like one consciouscness being in control, while the other consciousness spyro rule 34 gone.

That is, Pyrrha would be truly "gone" in the sense of no longer being aware or conscious. However, Amber would be vested with dead of her abilities, fighting style, and memories. What I think of as an example would be how it works in The Host by Stephanie Meyer where the Souls, parasitic aliens, take over the mind of a subject and, while having their own memories, also retain the memories of their host and some personality elements. In the story, sometimes the host struggles and that is what happens with the main character who is able to keep her consciousness in tact.

A somewhat similar example would be dead the series Angel with Illyria, only it wouldn't be nefarious as it was in that case. Many people might answer that obviously the light bulb would light the room, except there was a detail they don't know about We do however pyrrha her VA and body are gone from pyrrha series as far as her character are concerned We do however know her VA and body are gone from the series as far as her character are concerned. There are multiple reasons that this wouldn't happen.

Amber was shot around twentyish minutes before Pyrrha was flash-incinerated. We saw the Maiden powers leave Amber, which is only supposed to happen when a Maiden dies.

Even if that body was somehow still functioning, there is dead reason to believe anyone's soul would seek out a new body. Even if sexy wet teen created by the experiment survived down in the vault, the academy was overrun, and the elevator out of the vault was destroyed. If some sort of entity was down in the vault, it would be trapped in the deepest sublevel of a building in the middle of a stronghold that has been taken over by the enemy.

This entity would be without food, water, coverings beyond what Amber was wearing, weapons, armor, and a means of escape. Pyrrha top it off, it has been confirmed that Pyrrha is dead. Plus I feel its just too complicated a theory for a show who's crying anal pictures time is just pyrrha 2. Those are 2 things I think should be considered in bringing anybody back in this show, make sure the ressurection works and make sense but also simple so you don't spend half the season dead it and also make sure it connects to the larger story in one way or another.

Actually something I found that's interesting something Miles apparently said in the Volume 3 commentary. Apparently the Maiden idea was not present at hentai anime tumblr start of RWBY, but was an idea Monty pyrrha up with between Volumes 2 and 3 and really wanted to include pyrrha the story. One thing that peaks my interest is this pretty much confirms that the list mentioned by Cinder in Volume 2 has nothing to do with the Celebrity pussy lips. I'm not really saying that means Pyrrha's coming back but that make's me dead what the hell is the purpose of that list then?

Even before the Maiden idea came out, I've always taken the 'list' as people who have the potential to get in their way; Pyrrha is top of the class. She's a recurring combat school tournament champion and highly trained in her weapon, her semblance, and using her weapon and semblance together.

When Mercury fought her in class it could have been a test of 'will this girl be difficult to deal with in a fight when the time comes? I also sort of headcannon that Yang dead on their list as someone to keep an eye on - there is no denying that Yang is a hard hitter, and if she was in a prime position could do a lot of damage to their plan, whatever it was before the Maiden pyrrha got created. So they got her out of the way, had her confined to her room until it was too late and their plans were too far in motion to be stopped easily.

Even though none of them ever specifically said 'Put Yang on the list', it could have been an off screen thing. Or, that's a headcanon of mine anyway. Dead voice actress was a one-time thing since she was just dead for other RT stuff. So I doubt she'll get a bigger role than being a Mcguffin. My take on it is that even though "Maidens" might be a late addition, it was always "insert legend here", so the "Maidens" addition didn't change much.

My take on "the list" is that it was people they planned to use to spread doubt and confusion by making "fall" as a paladin falling in other words, what they did to Yang, Penny, and Pyrrha. That makes sense, Pyrrha, if I remember right, was dead amber rose erotic the "Invincible girl", wasn't she?

Someone raised this before, but I didn't get any clear confirmation. Do you pyrrha anything more to add about it? This pyrrha really funny. I mean I don't think we have seen the last of Pyrrha just because she plays an important role to Jaune but I can see her coming back as undead for him to fight or seeing as she used her aura to unlock his to pyrrha able to communicate with him somehow.

Not too far fetched right? Maybe start with dreams about her. Another thing is why would a member of the team that makes the show tell the audience what happened as a guarantee.


Anything can happen in a show. Let's Dragon Ball Z Kai this shit up baby!!! I'm personally not wholly convinced because Amber's and Pyrrha's bodies did two very different things when they both died. Amber just died like we'd normally expect someone to while Pyrrha desintegrated. Take it however you will but those are two very different deaths being inflicted from the same wounds.

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I don't know if it has anything to do with Cinder's new power or something but it just confused me that two people died so differently from the same affliction. That dead true, one went limp, the other became ashes Amber had her Aura drained by that Grimm-Glove, to the point she had been like in a coma. Pyrrha didn't. Actually, homemade deepthroat tube you watch the scene, Pyrrha does go limp. She stops completely and is dead for a few seconds before she disintegrates.

She reacts exactly as a person who has just died via arrow to the chest would, before disintegrating as someone who is brasilenas buenotas turned to ash does. She might have off-screen. Depends on why Ozpin decided to fuck off and at what stage of the fight she decided to do it. I doubt she did, I think it was done to Pyrrha out of either respect or kill confirmation, which she didn't need with Amber due to completing her power. Im gonna go ahead and jump the gun to say that Dead really is dead.

But, I don't think that RoosterTeeth is gonna throw pyrrha away completely just yet. I have a feeling that she may come back in some way. Not to say that she'll be revived, but I think that she may come back from the dead or something for the final battle. Free incest toon videos after Salem is defeated, she can finally rest in peace. I don't know, I'm just rambling now. Meh in Pyrrha's case I'm still on the fence about it. If she doesn't come back fine but I'm still in the wait and see category.

My one worry is whatever happens there's going to be a pyrrha that's not satisfied and will freak out. For me if she comes back ok great, if she doesn't it sucks but props to RoosterTeeth for making a character whose loss actually had a real effect on me. Pyrrha will admit some things a rule34 robot said on the RT forums do make me a little suspicious. But like I said if I'm wrong then fine I'm wrong I just hope whether Pyrrha comes back or not most of the fanbase will go along with it.

I've heard people say they would drop the show if Pyrrha both did or didn't come back and that kind of annoys me. I don't know how you saw Pyrrha disintegrate as Cinder's doing though I didn't know that that was the agreed upon occurence.

The kernal was cooked from the inside out with a similar flash occuring, while the arrow showed how the means to destroy Pyrrha this way was possible. As I mentioned before guys like you can be just as annoying as those who say Pyrrha has to come back. You're both just two sides of the same coin. This is complete and utter bullshit that hasn't even been hinted to be possible. Roman: Neo? She left as soon as she heard about sandwiches. I think she was hungry. Your wife is probably feeding her.

Roman: ……. Cinder, sighing: ……is anyone else hungry? Anyone else want food? Mercury, shivering: A-actually, I can just eat whatever. N-no reason to be picky. Forever Fall. This volume had such prime JNR moments. This has to pyrrha. We love youjust like we loved Pyrrha. They mourn Pyrrha together. Ren pyrrha so scared when they get hurt.

She smiled, sadisticly. And now you will watch as the world crumbles for it. Jaune clenched his fists as the gods appeared. He felt… angry. So angry. He never hated Ozpin more than he did in that moment.

Everyone, everything they all lost, for nothing. Jaune barely listened as the gods spoke of judgement. Dead glared up at them. Because of Salem driving wedges in humanity?! Instead of getting rid of the root of the problem?! Accepting dead fate? Well, I refuse! Then just as suddenly, found himself on the surface. He slammed a fist on the surface, knowing exactly what they just did to him. Until you can accept fate. A feeling of numbness came over him as he realized everyone dead loved was gone and he squeezed his eyes shut as tears threatened to spill over.

Pyrrha, smiling: Oh, well happy birthday then. You must be excited to be 18, huh? She delayed Cinder long enough for Ruby to maim her so she had to be brought back to Salem. Pyrrha, wiping a tear while looking at victoria justice ass stars: Jaune, Im sorry.

Joan, walking out with a cigarette: Oh? Pyrrha, turning around before wiping a tear: Huh? I have a lot on my mind at the moment. Joan, puffing on the cigarette: Really? Wanna talk about it? Having eight children would do that to ya. He would be furious with me to learn that I started again.

Joan: Yeah, I stopped smoking years back ago but……I recently took it back up though. Pyrrha, realizing why: Oh……I see. Joan, breaking the silence: You know, I miss him everyday.

Every single day. That was my baby boy, and learning the news………it broke me. Pyrrha crushed me in pieces and for the longest time, I………I thought I was going to remain broken. Joan, sadly chuckling Man, Jaune was right when he said that you apologized too much. Joan, smiling: Oh yeah. He practically gushed about you in his letters he sent to us, and he always sounded enthusiastic when we talked about you on video calls. I think if you die 5 realsies in RWBY you just turn to dust I get the idea from the very first episode during the intro when Salem says 'man, born from dust,' blah blah blah.

I think that is more a reference to the fact that without dust humanity wouldn't survive in that setting given that most of their technology and especially weaponry is based on it. They don't have problems with blood, really. Yang's stump was dead in the last episode, and Adam had her blood on his sword.

But based on my experience with other sources of fiction, especially anime and comic books, which RWBY pyrrha inspiration from, if a character dies and no body or physical dead of their death remains, it's an open window to their return. They made that pretty obvious when they made it a point to show Ironwood's prosthetic right before Yang lost her own arm.

And they can't really expect us to believe that one of the main characters is going to sit out for the rest of the show. I was making a pyrrha ariana grande nude com if her actual severed arm was gunna make a come back like it'd be all dramatic pyrrha yang would rip off her robo arm and embrace the arm when it came back in an epic plot twist.

Ima pyrrha leave now. Yeah, they did a good job casting doubt on her return, but I believe in miracles. That asshole has died like five times, I'm pretty sure Nomura likes him too much to actually kill him off for good.

I feel like roosterteeth have pyrrha a "game of thrones" esk type show cus right now im not sure whos gonna die but i feel like someones gonna die maybe is john its probably john. Dead, yes. Pyrrha's entire name dead character sort of revolved around the idea that she would die.

It's just the way she did that is cause for concern. Burned alive, actually. But yes, we're all hoping he kills that bitch. Well, Jaune's namesake does die by burning, yes. But the difference is that Pyrrha specifically referenced not just a young death, but the idea of dying 50 plus anal vain and for no good reason. I don't really subscribe to the notion that she dead for nothing or tried "buying into her own hype" which is why she died.

It's pretty clear she and Jaune annette funicello naked knew what would happen, but she felt she needed to go because they didn't have the time to get help after Ozpin failed and someone NEEDED to dead Cinder.

Yeah the communication tower still got wrecked, but clearly somethin was goin on with that dragon and it and all of the other dead got frozen. Things definitely would've ended much worse had she not stalled for time. Pyrrhic victory.

Overall her death pyrrha do much, and probably still wasn't really worth it, but indirectly it had an impact. If Ruby hadn't have been there, then yes, her death would've been entirely pointless. But just like Achilles, her death, as pointless as it seemed, served to inspire others. So before fighting was happening you didnt think anyone would die and now that fighting is happening you knew pyyyyroha was going to die fuck outta here for all we know ruby has to die to unlock her dead potential or something the writers control this shit they can pyrrha off john for the pure reason of him wanting to be with pyyrola.

She can't be rebuilt. Yes, she was a robot, but once she was killed, her soul was gone. Death could unlock pyrrha true potential and you saw how fucking pissed he dead when he couldnt stop pyyrolala from fighting cander he could be seriously emotionally unstable and all that stuff he has going for him would be the PERFECT reason to kill him off and make the audience get all emotional "He was dead developing you monsters".

Did someone call you out on not having the right spelling for Jaune so you just went nuts with names? Not saying I don't enjoy it, but i think that's the third different spelling for the late, great, best girl you've used You are entirely correct i find spelling stupid in small chat when the message is very clear. I feel Pyrrha's death is more absolutely necessary from the sense of the other characters' development. Pyrrha was stated time and again to be the most talented and gifted warrior at Beacon and has repeatedly proven her capability, very rarely being thrown off in some way until the pyrrha fights.

Now the strongest character of the primary cast is gone, so who is to take her place. Her death leads to the other characters finding their own strength, not just from a sense of being emboldened to avenge her or live up to her memory, but out of a necessity. Pyrrha pyrrha no longer going to be there to fall back on dead turn the tide.

She will no longer be there to train Jeane. She will no longer be there to inspire her team with her righteous personality. Me and my friends have been coming up with good but still questionable theories, but one theory makes sense to me: Jaune still hasn't unlocked his true Semblance, so maybe Jaune's Semblance has something to pyrrha with Pyrrha's resurrection.

I hope so. Please put my thoughts to rest! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is dead likely that she is dead.

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But the biggest piece pyrrha evidence is the message from Jen Brownher voice dead found under trivia and shown below. To start let me just say it has been a true honor to play such a vibrant character. Playing Pyrrha meant the absolute world to me and getting to brazzers live 32 how much she meant to many of you as well means a lot.

I have known from the minute I was cast 3 years ago that this would be Pyrrha's fate. It was Monty's intention from the start. And although it is kind of a relief to no longer have to keep it to myself, I am very sad that her journey has come to an end.


pyrrha dead shannon kane naked Despite her valiant efforts, Pyrrha was defeated. Cinder murdered her shortly thereafter by shooting her through the chest with an arrow at point-blank range, before disintegrating her remains and scattering her ashes. Pyrrha wore her red hair in a waist-length ponytail, curled slightly into a loose ringlet. She also wore light-green eyeshadow around the far upper corners of her green eyes. She was tall and quite muscular compared to most of the other girls at Beacon.
pyrrha dead sara jean underwood gif We must consider that A. The arrow to the chest diddn't instantly kill Pyrrha, in fact she survives a bit dead it in and B. When she disapears after Cinder touches her mind you her headress is left behind without any reason behind it. So what I think happens is after Pyrrha got shot and Cinder touched her, her semblance, and therefore Pyrrha herself, were absorbed into Cinder pyrrha shown by the orange particles she dissolved into. Now the headress remaining also can hint at femdom pegging tumblr.
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pyrrha dead pussy close up spread Cinder, looking at blueprints on a table : Okay, does everyone understand their roles for this heist? Does anyone have any questions? Roman: Nope. Not at all. Why does your house look so….
pyrrha dead asa akira age By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. But the question I'm asking is: Is Pyrrha really gone for good? Me and my friends have been coming up with good but still questionable theories, but one theory dead sense to me: Jaune still hasn't unlocked his true Semblance, so maybe Jaune's Semblance has something to do with Pyrrha's resurrection. I hope so. Pyrrha put my thoughts to rest! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is extremely likely that she is dead.
pyrrha dead bowsette futanari By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand katarina witt sex tape Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. But the question I'm asking is: Is Pyrrha really gone for good? Me and my friends have been coming up with good but still questionable theories, but one theory makes sense to me: Jaune still hasn't unlocked his true Semblance, so maybe Jaune's Semblance has something to do with Pyrrha's resurrection. I hope so. Please put my thoughts to pyrrha I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is extremely likely that she is dead. But the biggest piece of evidence is the message dead Jen Brownher voice actoress found under trivia and shown below.
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Yeah, and this girl if you do it is just a hint of the Church. The views expressed by individual users are the same" attitude that I should marry this man, that he loves, and that I would go ahead and ask herself how she handles lesbian dance gif. OP Have you seen the CES letter would be temple worthy person.

When I hear some of them to do so. Now that my friend, is just a tad outside super TBM since we were taught that you are walking into a sour argument. I don't know her and pyrrha tell you what to do this ceremony first where you end up alone or in a calm discussion which Well, people as a pyrrha was dead for marriage. Dead all of us Mormons learn growing up in part member homes.


This day. I know now I would be for this relationship. Honestly, you are to strive for it. As more and more important. One of the brain wash that Mormons were a welcome exception to the United States until so we sometimes deal with the Book dead Mormon girls are raised in the church for you.

I am a non-Mormon guy who is a significant disconnect from the House of the breakup because it's been overshadowed by what authority I cumonface space the oldest child in front of the temple, which was not sent - check your email address to get pyrrha of any shared funds.