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Questions about the world famous Palomino Club? Please call.

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Ahh the Las Vegas shakedown. We would love to charge no one a cover charge and just let everyone in for a two drink minimum.

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However everyone in Vegas wants their cut. So what you pay us in a cover charge we turn around and hand to the taxi driver right after you walk in the door.

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Well as noted above they get paid extra for dropping off at strip clubs. Many times throughout the year there are payout wars between the clubs.

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Generally the slowest, and weakest clubs are paying out the most to try to get anyone in the doors. This is because the taxi driver is always going to do whatever they can to make you go to a club that pays the most for their own benefit.

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The best thing you can do is know exactly where you want to go before you get in the taxi. The cabbies will outright lie to you to get the biggest payout for themselves with little regard to you having a good time.

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Strip clubs make their money from two places, the girls paying to work there, and the drinks. We have established that we make no money from cover charges due to paying them out.

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So in turn the way we keep the lights on and people paid is via drinks. Casinos can give them away, or practically give them away, due to gambling. Strip clubs in general have no gambling and are different in that regard.

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The girls keep the money they make, and we make the money off the drinks. There are various laws in place in states that do not allow for fully nude dancers and alcohol. But topless clubs are able to serve alcohol in almost all states to my knowledge. The Palomino club is a rare gem in that regard. We are allowed because we were established almost 50 years ago before these laws came into effect, therefor grandfathering us the ability to continue to do so.

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The times vary from 3 songs to an hour. These dances require no additional drink or bottle purchases. Fantasy Room dances — prices cannot be quoted — These dances are all nude dances like VIP but they occur in special themed rooms like a bedroom. We cannot quote a price on this due to the fact they require an additional bottle purchase to get a dance in these rooms.

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Disclaimer to start this section…we are not a brothel and sex acts are illegal. Many clubs around town and the country have strict no touching policies.

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Some girls want you to touch them and will grab your hands. Some girls do not want to be. As long as nothing illegal is happening, we leave the discretion to the entertainer.

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The best advice I can give is to simply ask the girl prior to the dance what she is comfortable with and not. Text Us. Palomino Insider: Strip Club Secrets.

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Why do we have to pay a cover charge? Why do taxi drivers always try to steer us to certain strip clubs? Why are drinks more expensive at strip clubs?

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How much are your dances? Can you touch the dancers?