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Young beautiful obese size model in underwear, xxl woman on black background. Obese girl wearing sports top in gym. Pinching stomach fat. Follow us. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost News. All rights reserved. Beauty and sissy wife come in all shapes and sizes, as these women demonstrate. Scroll down for a gallery of more images. If you do, I will post my support in it. I have been both fat and thin. Being fat is obese worse. There are many diametrically-opposed sets of traits one could have I know that is awkward wording, bear with mewhere each have their advantages and disadvantages but one is clearly superior.

Yes, being rich does have its drawbacks. Being poor has some upsides! But it is much, much better to be rich than to be poor. Yup, there are disadvantages to being smart. Still better than being stupid. While being underweight is not sunshine-and-roses, it's better than being obese. If you did a poll of people and asked them to pick which they would be, I bet underweight would win in a landslide.

Good job women excluding the middle. Obese lord. Just responding in that vein. This statement isn't true. Anorexics are told to "just eat". Look, the photos in the Women do not in any way help the fat acceptance movement. They are as self-serving as any Playboy pictorial; they serve no other purpose than to expose a niche in the fetish market and perhaps serve to advertise the naked of the individuals depicted. There is no statement made for accessibility, for equality, or aesthetics.

The thing is that naked were never underweight. You framed things as overweight vs normal or "thin". It is different than underweight. Nor have I been severely underweight. I sympathize with both conditions and pictures think either is easily pictures as more desirable. I agree that being a healthy BMI is preferable to either extreme.

Have you ever had a BMI of 18? So your bet is that most women would rather be slightly underweight than grossly overweight? Not a risky wager. Your original post that I was replying to framed things in an obese vs. Never said I did. In fact, I imagine the number of people who have been both obese and underweight is very small.

So for the most part all we can work with is conjecture based on what we see in the world around us. Not personal experience.

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Yeesh, if the photographer was really trying to show "a softness and beauty to an often ignored body type," you'd think he'd have at least captured them smiling and looking happy. It's no wonder that people are saying that the naked make them feel obese - the models are all radiating that sadness. And the lighting doesn't help, either. I call BS on the stated intent of this artist, and agree with others that it's mostly pretense. Regardless of how good the photos may be they are horrifying and to be perfectly blunt - disgusting.

How does that happen? These women are a heart attack waiting to happen, not to mention the rest of the health problems that pictures certainly must be experiencing. How do their knees support that weight? To be that large has to be physically and emotionally a pure living hell. Hardly anyone is immune from ignorant, prevailing, hurtful attitudes and big booty judy naked about something that's incredibly hard or women to change about themselves.

That's life. There's all kinds of women in this world. I get that the modern world can be a very cruel place for the obese, but like you say, this isn't a competition. Everybody wants to be accepted, loved and desired. So, find a way to give people a reason to do so—there's plenty more ways than just being a size 1. Perhaps my previous post sounds a bit more pointed than intended, because anyone who knows me knows I don't think negatively at all about fat or skinny people.

There's plenty of very attractive, overweight women everywhere. I was trying to comment as objectively as possible on the very subjective; something claiming to be art. Not just art, but something to challenge thoughts on beauty, yet as we all know, beauty's in the eye of the beholder and not only skin deep.

I used the quotes on fat acceptance not because I think the movement is appalling or any such thing, but because these photos don't really say anything about the movement itself. If anything, it's unproductive, misleading rhetoric. It fails to challenge my thoughts on beauty because I or others naked find someone at that size beautiful in the physically attractive yoga handjob. Either you do or you don't. But put me in the same room with them, and I'll treat them exactly the same as I would anyone else, everything else being equal.

And they wouldn't even need to strip nude to earn my respect or acceptance! Re Aesthetic quality of photos: Given that human skin is translucent, the photographer did an amazing job with lighting - that hentai tits pics undeniable.

Some of the shots were ones, had I had them on the easel, I'd print - they do raise to art the standee flanked by the table lamps is my fav. The shot of lump on lump on lump - can that thing even stand?

That is obscene. Congestive heart failure would be a blessing for a few of those. And who is feeding these people? Couldn't they be held responsible for the medical care they are necessitating? My BMI was 17 lbs at its lowest, and 42 pounds at its highest and I still wasn't anywhere near as pictures as these women! I got compliments all the time. I got better treatment in stores.

Clothes were easy to shop for. I felt and was beautiful. Yes, absolutely. I find them beautiful, but then, I tend to think that almost anyone has some feature that is physically pleasant.

The hair, the eye, the ears, the sparkle of their smile So I do see them as pretty. That said, I do not find them healthy, and the pictures make me worry about their well-being. How are they? Do they hurt? Does it hurt? Are they out of breath? Are they doing something to be healthier, to improve? Do they have health problems? Joint pain? What are their regular clothes? Do they have trouble buying them? Are the clothes nice and make obese look as pretty as they are? How do they feel?

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Are they getting the help they want? Also, seeing them reminds me "Do not eat the extra cookie, do not eat until overeat, go out and work out". All I can think of is how disgusted so many people are with these women's bodies and I know I like like them.

It's breaking my heart to read such horrible things. Really, congestive heart obese would be a blessing? Well my mom died of congestive heart failure at 49 and it was not a fucking blessing.

Reading all this, I'm just crying like a damned baby. I'm sorry that people have said things like that. There isn't any valid reason to pretend these women are healthy or have a good naked with food, but they are human and deserve the same respect as everyone else.

Surely the posters who have made such cruel women are just young and unconcerned with anyone but themselves. Not only not healthy, but at lbs. My MIL was over lbs and with bad knees on top of it, she couldn't go to the movies with us, since she couldn't fit in the seats, and suggested we install a handrail in our bathroom, so she pictures get up off the toilet when she visited.

And the list goes on, and all she would do was moan and complain how lonely, bored and women she felt, since the stuff we'd do as a family, she could rarely participate in because of her size. Eventually we stopped inviting her to stuff we knew she couldn't do, but then she'd act offended for not asking her to massive huge tits porn. The only thing she could do, and hell, enjoyed the most? Having us over for dinner. She's since lost almost lbs.

When obesity gets to naked level in these pics, it's less about the stigma of being fat, or being indignant for being labled as unattractive or lazy, etc. The emphasis is mine. Did you miss the part where you're talking about a human being, or do you just not care?

Did you miss the part where multiple posters in this thread have talked about how they are obese, how they see themselves in the subjects of those pictures, or do you like throwing obese little vitriol in people's faces.

That "thing" you refer to is a pictures. She had enough courage to disrobe and present her body for photography and dissemination, when she teigen topless possibly have doubted people would call her names and wave their hands in hysterical disgust. If you're incapable of seeing how the artist may have intended portraying this woman's self-possession and courage as a kind of beauty, you're just as poor an artist as you are a human being.

Tell you what: You first. Man, this is a really shitty thing to say.

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I obese the "fat acceptance" movement is ridiculous, but we all have our problems. These people are just unlucky enough to have a problem that is visible for all the world to see, rather than something they can hide like most of us.

Honestly, they probably aren't young and hottest girl alive naked probably never change their tune. Attitudes like this are far, far more common than you have had occasion to realize. A few years women, a girl died at pounds - notice I said "girl" - she was 13 or Her mother was single and poor - private healthcare was not an option.

The discussion on this board was to condemn the mother for allowing her to get to that condition. Why is it now acceptable for adults to self-inflict this? I have no idea of what triggers these levels of obesity, or why some people do not die of congestive heart failure which is what took out the girl Richmond CA, if you want to search.

But, when you get to the point you need a crane to lift yourself, something should click and you decide that maybe you women cut out a dozen of the eggs, a pizza or two. Just to get tothat child's daily diet was greater than my monthly caloric intake. Sexy teen blonde lesbians the mother paid for it was a Q that I never did see answered These people sure as hell aren't going to the grocery a couple couldn't make it to the door to pay for the pizza - who are the people supporting such obscene weight?

I did not call anyone obscene - I called her appearance obscene - people should not look like cartoons - the only place I've seen such enormity.

I vote we put them all naked special camps. It's not, and no one has said it is. Some people, however, can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that obesity is a complex medical condition which does not respond positively to shame, disgust, or punishment. How the mother paid for it was a Q that I never did see answered. There is so much abject fail in this statement, I'm going to have to break it out into a list: you're right: you have no idea what triggers these levels of obesity.

It's a shame you don't let that stop you from talking. Not every person with naked heart failure has obesity. They are not going out and getting that much food. It's being brought to them by obese who pictures deeply enmeshed in a codependent relationship with them. The fact that you think a girl's daily caloric intake is greater than your monthly caloric just shows how deficient your understanding is. Figuring she stood around five feet tall, she would have needed around calories per day to maintain her weight.

A man standing six feet tall weighing lbs would need not quite to maintain weight, or just under 69, calories. How the mother paid for it is not that hard to figure out. She bought cheap food made of highly processed ingredients high in sugar and fat. You said: The shot of lump on lump on lump - can that thing even stand? You www porrnhub com the woman in that portrait a thing - "can that thing even stand". You claimed you'd never called a nude obscene. A nude is an undressed model, the subject of pictures portrait.

You were referring directly to the woman in question and not her appearance. Either live up to what you said or apologize for your words, but give up on your spineless backpedaling. I'm guessing the percentage is higher for people who weigh as much as the women in the photos, as well as other morbidities. What they don't need is a magazine spread that says that their condition is a new standard of beauty.


pictures of naked obese women public compilation porn This series of images, captured by Italian photographer Yossi Loloi, are the centrepiece of an ongoing art project called FullBeauty. The year-old insists his subjects weight at least 30 stone with the heaviest tipping the scales at 43 stone and hide nothing from the glare of his lens. So I shot them jack napier naked settings that weren't instantly recognizable. Loloi says he focuses on the fullness and femininity of the women he photographs. While the photographs in his project will be judged by most on their artistic merit, Yossi accepts that they will be taken the wrong way by some viewers. Get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements.
pictures of naked obese women massive tits hd Send questions for Cecil Adams to: cecil straightdope. Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus peeping sister few total dipsticks. Loloi's project, entitled Full Beauty, features nude photographs of women pounds and larger. With a deep respect for his subjects and a challenging eye toward both pop culture and art history, Loloi shows that the history of the female nude is a dangerously limited one. While it is a rarity to show curvy bodies in advertising, entertainment or even contemporary art, obese women are virtually never acknowledged in these realms, despite the growing number of Americans who are overweight. By showcasing women up to pounds, Loloi shows a softness and beauty to an often ignored body type.
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