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I don't know, maybe well, probably a similar topic has its own thread somewhere, but I did not find it mind you, I'm a lousy searcher. So as the title says, what's the best sex experience you've ever had? Let me start.

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I was not having any luck with any of the women I really felt attracted to. It was a Saturday afternoon and I started considering spending the evening alone, which was a depressing thought. That's when I decided to expand my research on the dating site and I saw this woman, who was acceptably cute and online.

Got top sex forum touch with her, we started to chat and quickly we decided to go out for a coffee that evening. Which we did. Eventually, I invited her to go to a cool pool room that I used to go to, and she accepted. We took my car, drove to said pool room.

Had a few beers. Drove back to the coffee shop after that, cause that's where she had left her car.

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Was time to kiss good bye, and nothing more happened. Except I invited her at my home for the following evening Sunday. She accepted. Then came Sunday. I had prepared a good meal I'm a rather good cook. Served some wine. After that, I invited her in the living room, to watch a film on Top sex forum.

The film began and after a while, I knew, I just knew she was ready for something else. And was I right! I had my left hand down her blouse and right on her breast in no times, we started to kiss and before she realized it, her clothes was flying everywhere in the living.

I was still fully dressed.

I went down on her, savoring her perfectly shaved genitalia, while my hands were massaging her relatively ferm B-size breasts. She made a few moves to reach my cock, but I wouldn't let her, it was too much fun.

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She quickly climaxed, needless to say. After that, I stood up and I let her remove my clothes. It didn't take long for her top sex forum grab my dick and perform a decent BJ. I came in her mouth after a few minutes and she swallowed everything. After that, we decided to go in my bedroom. There on the bed, we kept kissing and fondling. I got erected really quickly and I fucked her. She climaxed again I could tell she didn't had sex for a long time.

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But I didn't. I turned her around, and kept fucking her doggy. After a few minutes of this, I thought that I'd like to assfuck her.

The worst thing that could happen was for her to say no, something I would obviously respect. Guess what? She let me assfuck her and after 2 or 3 minutes I came again.

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We saw each other the next evening. Had great sex again, although not as great as the evening. I remember vaguely that she stroke me to cum on her breasts. Never saw her again, as one of the lady I had a real cruch on on the dating site contacted me and I ended up going out with her.

Nevertheless, that evening with the "Saturday Evening Lady" happened 4 years ago and I still have a boner when I think top sex forum it! AngryFrenchGuyOct 26, The best sex experience i have had has been the last two and a half years with my lady!

It has been nothing but amazing everytime with her and the other people with have brought into play with us. Can't say any one experience. Even though, I'm going thru a dry patch, I've had, in my past, many wonderful sexy experiences. Twice after smoking hash I've had really really strong excitement and release, those two were with my top sex forum back in the "happy days". But there have certainly been many many so many I can't really says which is best.

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Now a days, any sex is the best!! I just like getting touched, you know where! MarebareOct 26, My best experience was in bush with a friend top sex forum my frinds girl friend, we were at school on that day and we dicide to have a walk so for a walk we went to a bush and did it.

Ironically I can recall one memorable occaion that did involve an angry french guy, or belgian, hatever, potata potato.

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Vanilla GorillaOct 26, I got a great BJ last night. Jo KingOct 26, Anglesea Victoria - about 18 years ago. Her name was Louise - she was my babysitter and 4 years older.

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She was a borderline BBW. I'd been with the odd girl at Uni, but she showed me the full depth and intensity of how two girls could make the New Year's Eve fireworks look dull. We partnered for a couple of years before she had to move away. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet. Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

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