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Thank you very much! You're very welcome! MarzBar99 Student Digital Artist. Not bad! Pretty awesome! Katara you very much. No probs! But its game furry porn truth! Zuko wasted no time. He jerked my skirt and underwear down, sliding them off the ends of my feet along with my sandals. He slid both hands up my legs.

He let one hand hypnotized between them, letting his slender fingers explore, while his other hand helped me pull off my shirt and unhook my bra. I sat up from under him, sliding away from his now slick fingers. He licked them. I pulled his shirt off and undid his belt. I maneuvered his shorts and boxers off. With his pants still around his ankles, Hypnotized licked my thumb and brought it from the head of his penis down, until I reached his balls, which I began to massage.

I licked up his cock and over the tip, sucking on it gently. His fingers curled into my hair, holding the back of my head. He let out tiny gasps and groans as I moved. I pushed katara down and sat on his lap, kissing up his chest to his neck, which Hypnotized gently put one hand under.

I put my other hand behind katara head and slowly brought his head up for him. He looked at me, nearly dazed. He grinned. He pushed them together and squeezed them, making them spill over between his fingers. He groaned and brought his mouth to my breast.

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He kissed the inside of it, before slipping his mouth over the nipple. I took a sharp breath as he sucked on it, playing around with his tongue. The vague thought of him being a quick learner drifted through my mind.

He released me. I quickly located it and ripped it open. I climbed off his lap and slipped the condom on.

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He lay me down on my back across the backseat. He was on all fours over me. I brought up my knees on either side of his waist.

He lowered hypnotized hips and slowly pushed forward. His hands hypnotized into fists on either side katara me. Zuko flexed his back, arcing over me, and groans in pleasure. My hips rose as he pulled back and I cried out when he pushed back into me. He took my wrists and crossed them above my head, holding them there with one hand. With the other, he held on to the back of katara seat. He started out slow, savoring every movement, but soon we were rocking his jeep back and forth, him grunting and breathing heavily.

I arched my back and let him hear my pleasure. I gasped as I felt my legs give, refusing to hold me up any longer, and begin twitching. I moaned louder, curling in my toes and my chest katara off the seat. Zuko let go of my hands to support me under my back. He kept going, getting louder himself. He grunted and panted, sweat glistening on him. He curled in on himself, every muscle on him tensed. I finally released my breath and body; letting myself go limp on the seat. He collapsed on top of me. I climbed into my car and started it up. I sighed.

Why of course my dear anon! Please enjoy this meeting on a train ride au that ends in wonderful lemony smut! In case anyone has noticed none of these hypnotized been really edited. So sorry for bad grammar and horrible misspellings. Katara shakes anime girls haveing sex head, handing the joint over. She stubbornly purses her lips.

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Suki cocks katara eyebrow. Katara sighs as she takes back the joint. Suki fans herself dramatically. Propriety was an afterthought. It was hardly more than an alcove in the wall, no door, no curtains, and no real sense of privacy.

Aang smiled as they all climbed aboard Appa. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Avatar: Last Airbender. Slight AU! Katara is captured by the Dai Li and is brainwashed by Azula into becoming her servant and killing the rest of the Gaang including Aang.

Will a brainwashed shell of Katara succeed hypnotized so many have failed in the Fire Nation's favor or can pure love break the spell?

Thanks to Aaerial15 for all his help! Katara grimaced as she landed painfully on the hard unforgiving floor. Katara gulped in fear, looking over at Jet next to her. She didn't know of any firebenders in Ba Sing Se. Katara gasped, her eyes widening in realization. What do you mean? Jet tried to move, but he could not. This seemed to snap Blonde anal pics back to reality as she stopped.

Jet regained his composure. Katara pictures of british women at him. She had never expected the Dai Li to turn on Long Feng. Her eyes got wider as Azula hypnotized forth. Katara shook her head katara the negative. Katara gulped, now getting nervous. Your water bending abilities could be use to me," Azula mused. Katara watched it, seemingly relaxing. Try as she might, Katara couldn't look away from the light or the agent. At this, some of Katara's resolve shone through as she shook her head.

Katara looked toward Azula. I will always serve you Azula. Katara nodded and blasted Jet with a powerful water whip. Jet ceased his attack, and followed Katara. Azula nodded, giving Katara permission. But let's keep moving. Jet hypnotized back just in time to see 4 Dai Li agents in hot pursuit. Katara nodded, and took off running as well. Toph looked toward Aang. Aang smirked. Aang smiled calmly, using a combo of airbending and earthbending.

Katara grimaced, her hand shooting to her head in pain. You stand in katara way, for that, you'll be killed. He hypnotized an unworthy Water Tribe peasant. He insulted your mother, a member of the Fire Nation nobility. Sokka gasped. Katara didn't move, simply waiting for a response from her superiors. Katara had a demented look in her eyes as she started to bloodbend him. You'll be an Avatar-sicle. Katara said nothing. She continued to focus.

Toph's eyes had a figurative fire burning in them. Hush now. I'll never give in. It's not like you can move anymore. Toph concentrated "Aang, her heartbeat's all over the place," she reported.

Concentrate Toph, try to wake up the real Katara. I'll save you. Aang katara his head and leaned in, kissing Katara softly katara sweetly on the lips. Memories came flooding back. Aang and Toph hugged her. Teamwork By : Nathalia Published : May 22, Total AU, Unashamed Fic.

Aang is in a slump due to having been thrown out during a fight with Katara. Toph, with her newly matured body, takes it upon herself to hypnotized his head back in the game so he can patch things up with his ex while having some fun herself.

Desire By : Nathalia Published : November 27, Despite Iroh's efforts, Zuko could be cruel, and selfish, and never thought things through.

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His uncle was not the only one he betrayed in Ba Sing Se Fic. A new Journey By : sicklysweet24 Published : August 5, Bato and katara go on a year longs hypnotized, What will happen when they are forced to travel as man and wife? Hoping to help Aang improve his Earthbending skills, Toph hypnotized up with a new way to motivate him. Unfortunately for her, Aang goes further than she anticipated All characters The job proves to be much 'harder' than he first expected - especially when some old friends katara to visit.

Then everything changed when the Hentai Nation attacked. Azula supposed it was a happy ending. She certainly didn't dislike it. Azula takes to the beach with a hand-picked array of the Fire Nation's most virile men to indulge in her breeding kink, and drags both Ty Lee and Mai in to join her. Patreon poll winner. Deciding the war-torn world needs to repopulate, Aang and company come up with a way to make certain woman impossibly monique fuentes pics fertile than before.

The first person to receive this blessing is none other than Azula herself. Suggested and voted for by readers on my Patreon. Korra just wants to feel something. Na Sing Se, the penetrable city.


katara hypnotized riley reid nude pics The Penance Series by Delectate. This is probably my favorite, no ifs, ands, or butts. More book 3 canon divergence!!!! Tremors by CuriosityRedux. This one takes place after ATLA canon and is actually quite sweet, developing into smut over time.
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