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They just want to compare for the sake of comparing. Any evidence I present will fall into the other than category. So I'll add a few more to your other than stuff. Other than weapon usage, headshot damage buff, tentacle grabs, and finishers.

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Hydroid in puddle is invulnerable. Ivara in prowl is just invisible.


Hydroid in puddle with tidal surge can move faster than R34 in prowl on a zip line. Posted Hydroid 5, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts. From space. Need I say more? Still recommend watching the livestream though, dat Melee 2. Well, we've got: 1: Fireball, only with water 2: Slashdash, only with water 3: Turn into a puddle no, seriously 4: Tornado, only with water.

The 1 Is like pewdiepie gif cannon balls explosions that kind of erupt from the ground.

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They dont really drop in from another ship It makes as much sense as most of the powers What Paradox said exactly. There are some major issues with powers 1 and 4 though. The same deal as with Nekros' SotD.

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And he keeps them in his thunderthighs. Go To Question Listing. Sign In Sign Up. Originally posted by Icebound :. Originally posted by Papanak. I run puddle prime with 3 others for t4int ducat farming. Originally posted by -cS-kkmmnn :. Originally posted by Mate, the Hater Prime :. Last edited by Vulbjorn, the walrus rider.

Because he is extremely underpowered.

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I don't agree about his looks though, his alt helms are quite nice. Miikaaeeel View Profile View Posts. Because he's the best warframe in the game and everyone's just hydroid. Hydroid is the godframe. He's the 'Strongest' when it comes to R34 R34, thats for sure But you can come in a standard Oberon for a 40min T3surv if your guns are up to the task for all i care.

Good lady or sir, the answer is quite simple. They go for function over form.

Not long now before we get some HQ Hydroid R34 - Album on Imgur

If a Frame isn't meta or that strong they instantly hate it, but you know here people like us step into the party. Playing a Hydroid u selfaker you like the design, abilities and so on. My favorite Warframe is Banshee and yes, she isn't the best and yes, some people also hate her.

But isn't it also fun to figure r34 a build to get your Frame working?


hydroid r34 scarlett johansson nude in bed Asked by GlacierH I didn't get to watch the livestream, and I can't watch an hour and a half video. Could someone explain all 4 abilities to me? Not sure what will make this stand out though. No seriously, I'm not making this up. Looks like it will have some stealth viability and you can trap enemies inside yourself somehow
hydroid r34 super deepthroat mobile Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Warframe Store Page. Global Achievements. Honestly, Hyrdoid is by far my faviroute frame, his mix of abilties is extremly fun.
hydroid r34 lizzy greene porn Whenever someone says just and other hydroid. They r34 want to compare for the sake of comparing. Any evidence I present will fall into the other than category. So I'll add a few more to your other than stuff. Other than weapon usage, headshot damage buff, tentacle braless compilation, and finishers. Hydroid in puddle is invulnerable.
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