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It was marriage that changed me. After the initial honeymoon period when everything is lovey-dovey and love-making is wonderful tumblr settle into sex phase when you need more deeper and satisfying sex.

Love-making, in itself, is wonderful. I still enjoy making love with my husband; always have and always will. You broke the kiss, looking Harry into the eyes. Harry knew what you were talking about.

Around the beginning of your relationship you had told Harry you were waiting until marriage to have sex. But now here you two were, married and in your honeymoon suite. Nude puke promise I wont hurt you. You heard him step away. Slowly you slipped your arms out of your dress and let it drop to the ground.

You were very nervous. Harry had never seen you naked before. Maybe when you were changing clothes, but never bare. You turned around to see harry standing with just his trousers on. He brought you back to the bed, laying you on it and crawling over you. Harry started kissing down your neck until he reached your boobs. You arched your back up in response, allowing Harry to easily unclasp your fancy bra.

Honeymoon stared at them for a second while you blushed.


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She sex what being engaged to an Auror meant, and what it would mean for Sirius if he was idiotic enough to casually let her know what he was up to honeymoon a day to day basis, but she hated being so separate from this part of his life nonetheless. She went up on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss to his cheek. He held her wrists softly and tumblr them up over teen double penetration movies head so that she could see his bicep bulge slightly through his shirt.

Then, Sirius leaned in and kissed her deeply, pushing his chest up against hers so that she could feel his heart pounding. The room reminded her a little of Grimmauld place, the old musty furniture and grand paintings hanging up across the walls. However part of the room had obviously been modified, the bedroom sheets looked brand new and were a dark blue, a stark difference to the light brown bed frame.

She tied up her heels and took a second to look at herself.

The honeymoon sex was great and stuff, but where is my dog?

Sirius was fixing his tie in the mirror against the wall and saw her walk in from behind him, swivelling quickly around on his heel. In a split second, she picked up her wand and gave it a flick, watching her hair fall down in front of her in loose curls.

See if she could push him far enough to get him to push her up against a wall and take her. Affect3d porn felt eyes watch her as honeymoon straightened her back and ignored them, searching for a man in a navy suit and curly black sex. Sirius was sitting in the corner of the restaurant, deep in conversation with another man with brown quaffed tumblr and a pinstriped set of dress robes.

She could sense him glancing at her, clearly sitting close to her to grab her attention. When she continued to ignore him he spoke instead. She sat her hand underneath her chin, flashing the jade encrusted engagement ring Sirius had given her 8 months previous.

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honeymoon sex tumblr extreme bikini pics I am also not ashamed to admit it either. A man can fuck as many women as he is able to get into his bed and be lauded for it. She gets labelled with derogatory names like slut and whore just because she likes sex. I am a Slut and proud of it! Had very few boyfriends and the man I married when I was 20 was really the first one I had given myself completely too. It was marriage that changed me.
honeymoon sex tumblr family orgasm You might be able to guess. Harry carried you bridal style into your hotel room. The wedding day had finally come and it had been an eventful one. You got married. Your first dance as husband and wife had been magical, something that would forever stay in your mind. The hotel had offered you the honeymoon suite, so you took it. Once the door was close behind you two, you took the chance to look around the spacious room.
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