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The 13th Floor Reviews We are pleased to say that an overwhelming of the reviews are very positive. Below you will find a sample. You may find all of our reviews by clicking here. Would you like to leave a review?

Please. We always appreciate your feedback. This web and web site has been developed and is maintained exclusively by The 13th Floor. As The 13th Floor modifies its programs, products and policies, information contained in this web site is subject to change.

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For information call We answer the phone from pm to pm on Thursday and noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday. We respectfully request that you limit phone calls to our stated phone hours. First Visit - Sex club dallas tx From the Last Our only exposure to the 13th Floor was what we were told about it by people working at a different club.

After visiting with friends who had been to the 13th floor before and insisted that we see it for ourselves, we understand why the people from the other club said the things they did. They can't hold a candle to the 13th Floor. The club size, its parking, its people, their food, their DJ, their bar, the cleanliness, and the staff were all many levels above other clubs we've attended. As public school administrators, my husband and I are most concerned with security and discretion. We felt more of both at the 13th Floor than at any other lifestyle club we've visited.

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The contest they had was most entertaining and the enthusiasm of the crowd, staff, and the participants was infectious. We've never had so much fun with our clothes on or felt so comfortable with them off! It's one of our favorites.

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It's full of "real" people who know how to have fun. The hosts are wonderful and the volunteers are great. We highly recommend it. Like It! We were newbies to the 13th Floor during Memorial Day weekend and loved it so much we went back on Sunday. We've been to several other places in and around Dallas and have finally found one we're willing to go back to. We should have listened sex club dallas tx our friends and not the other club owners. To that point, no one at the 13th Floor had anything bad to say about the other clubs we mentioned when we brought up that we had been to them.

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This is a lesson in grace that the other operators should learn. We got in free at one club early on a Friday, but soon after we arrived followed two other couples to the 13th Floor. Glad they called to get us on the list because we barely made the newbie cut-off time. The staff were friendly and genuinely concerned with us having a good time. We never felt threatened by the location and felt confident sex club dallas tx the secluded parking. The DJ even walked me to my car at 3am. The music was great and the food which we never expected was delicious.

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I think all the clubs have something to offer. The 13th Floor seems to offer us the most for our dollar. Energy Energy Energy Wow! We have been to several other clubs - all before trying the 13th Floor because of one couple's opinion.

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We won't knock the other clubs, but NONE of them match the energy and true party atmosphere the 13th Floor has. If we had been to the 13th Floor sooner, we would have had the favorable view of the lifestyle that we currently enjoy MUCH sooner. There were lots of new couples, lots of great food, lots of regular attendees, and LOTS of play. We were a bit nervous about on-site play and feeling pressured.

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If a high-energy party experience is what you seek, the 13th Floor is the place. We were impressed and we will be back. Love it!!! Finally got to meet the hot bartender's wife. She is so sweet and amazingly hot! They need to keep this couple coming and make him bring her more often. Found that the new location was a dramatic decline from the original venue and they had grossly overbooked the place sex club dallas tx the point you couldn't even find a spot to sit a drink down. We, along with a of others left immediately and went to the Floor. When we arrived we very happily found that the new owners have really spruced the place up, added lighting, murals and it sounded like the sound system had been redone.

We had an awesome time and WILL be back The Floor offers a full spread so there's no need to even have dinner before you arrive. The food variety is extensive, plentiful, clean and very tasty.

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As for the playrooms, they're always clean and the people mind their manners. Only been to the floor twice, and will be back 3,4,5,6,more times more. It all started a couple weeks ago on Halloween night, the biggest night of all to dress up in your costumes.

We just sat and watched to get a feel for the club. We met a couple and got it on in the semi-private area, as we walked back to our table we instead went to the open play area and BAM!!! Way to go 13th floor for having our backs!

Well be back!! Terminator P. ALL the couples there young and old rock! We Give it a 10 We've been to the Floor a few times and always had a good time. Having moved to Fort Worth from Vegas, we have many clubs to compare and I always post reviews of the clubs sex club dallas tx visit nationwide.

I waited to post a review of the Floor until I saw how they handled a real crowd.

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We attended Saturday's Halloween party and were blown away. The owners spared no expense in decorations and food and the staff were well prepared for the VERY large crowd. The line to get into the place when the doors opened at was indicative of a high spirited crowd who was ready to party.

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The Floor did not disappoint. The costumes were excellent and the people were friendly and spirited. It was a very large crowd. If you're thinking of visiting the 13th Floor and you don't like large crowds, I recommend you don't go on a theme party weekend. We've been on a Friday, a regular Saturday, and now a themed Saturday and they were all great parties. The Floor has a great staff - very friendly sex club dallas tx attentive.

We've always felt secure and welcome there. On our first visit, the guy who did our orientation was very informative and turned an otherwise boring talk in to a jovial interactive chat.

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The tour guide was very cute and genuinely happy to show us the ropes. We were worried when we moved to Texas that we wouldn't have a place to play. We love the Floor and will be back! Partied at the 13th Floor this this past weekend.