I'm picking scientology dating site that wants hustlers

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Perhaps they are running out of prospects…. Apparently, they have managed to scrape together members another interesting measure of the real size of scientology. And here is the second:.

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Interesting, if you look up this site, their main claim to fame is that they have handed out 27, copies of the Way to Happiness? Sort of a strange thing to promote on a dating site…. If you google Mormon dating sites, there are a LOT of them claiming thousands of members.

Mormons claim they have Scientology dating site a bit bigger than the s scientology touts but FAR more reliable. I find it amazing that scientology even tries to claim they are in the same ballpark as the Mormons — there are no scientologist members of the US House of Representatives, Presidential candidates, state legislators or Marriott hotel chains.

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The dating sites just confirm the disparity. Distance stopped us progressing.

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The further up the bridge he goes the more rules and input the cult seems to have. I ed Mike my whole story. I guess I wanted more than friendship—- distance prevented that- just as well I think now, saying not in anger but disappointment and emotional confusion overall.

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I have now experienced how relationships are subject to the cults approval really, once you are seeing them scientology dating site or communicating long term. I can see that relationships are very transient with scientologists unless you fit a very tight criteria they have for relationships. I feel also for those on a general dating site that are — —???? I guess the only word to use targeted, a person of interest to date to probably recruit if suitable.

I now have more perspective.

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General dating sites are a concern as it worries me that some scientologists could use it as a recruitment tool. These woman or men may be vunerable and not informed about Scientology. I fell in love with a scientologist. I researched and researched. I have posted on other topics on this site my journey. I met him on a general dating site. OSA might be able to get into other s of those who up. He needs to crack down on those UTRs who are sharing inside info and what better way than getting into their s. I laughed my way thru scientology dating site comments. Thanks from a never in.

I even understand what the letters mean. He turned out to be a wife beater.

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It was her own personal advice to them to stop looking for a 2D and instead amass a bunch of women friends. She went on and on about why her advice was good and why you should not even try to get a heterosexual male 2D. Well I got my answer some years later.

I saw her at Flag. I was waiting at a counter and saw her trying desperately to get the attention of a single man in her age group who was waiting for his turn at the counter. She tried to get a comm line in, get him to notice her, anything. He was studiously trying hard NOT to notice her. I had a good chuckle about that.

Geesh…now they are inbreeding.

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Precisely what I was thinking. After reading all the comments. Per History of Man and other sauces, entities can be male or female. Hey, I Yawn, your headache just crawled into my head.

So, it took this guy 10 years to find a good match at FreeSpiritSingles and they consider that a success story? Kicked and locked out of their own homes they had paid the mortgage on for decades.

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Using Cult lawyers in court to fight for no access to the home. Yes, and that 3rd person is David Miscavige, who decides if and when Scientologists scientology dating site marry and mate and if or when they should divorce and separate. Coupling people and breaking them up and re- coupling them like they are his barnyard animals. Its just incredible to me that anyone would acquiesce to this domination and I was in the cult for 28 years. Something is really wrong with these people. Good riddance to them. I know this is horrid.

It is what it is. I am what I am, said Popeye the sailor man.

Oh, and if he needs to get off like the sadist we all know he is, he can rip wings off flies like the malignant LRH. WAYC, thank you. That was just a bit of temper and now its over. And its not my pain. But I did lose people I loved, a of them, before getting into the cult. A lot of death. People who meant everything to me. The rain falls on each of us in scientology dating site way or another Ok, so death is final.

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Communication OVER. The cult only has the power you give it! Again, its not my pain. This fucking cult had no leverage on me that way. Karen, thanks for the info on Gale Voight and Wolfgang Keller. I know them both and it is true what you say. Good luck!

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Imagine if any random WOG went out on scientology dating site date, and at some point in the evening the other party reveals that he or she is a scientologist. Be patient, sister. The problem is that good standing in scientology is such a fleeting term that by the time you finish filling out your profile, you may no longer be in good standing.

Not curious enough to even click on a link mind you, just a mild fleeting curiosity. So WTF does that mean exactly? He cheated on wife?

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He loves sex with little girls or little boys? He rapes women? Has sex with the dog? It always sounds sooooo terrible because you rarely get an exact situation.