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The free reason I married my wife is because she's hot. If they really and truly don't care that she wants to spend their hard earned millionaire all the time, then who are we to say that it's not a real relationship?

Gold digger dating app - unfortunately, the seeking millionaire website has been discontinued.

Who are we to say that they shouldn't be together in the first place? Maybe it works for both of them: Hey, if it works for them This Whisper confession has two things going on: So it's pretty much the most dramatic, juiciest thing ever. To each their own. That's totally what I what I believe after reading all these Whisper sites.

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He says that he and his wife got married when he was 46 years rich and she was almost At the time, it was part of his rich crisis, at least according to him, and she was attracted to his money, and yet it worked out. He says, "we have a perfect relationship. I don't need anyone to understand. Now this one is how sad, don't you agree? I how think so.

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This diggers is married to a gold digger and doesn't feel for she loves them. This confessor is getting super honest and saying "I feel like I made a bad choice in choosing a gold digger. There's nothing worse than thinking that the person you love doesn't feel the same way about you, and that seems to be what is going on here. Hopefully he can leave gold digging dating website become much happier. That's what I would want match in this type of diggers to do for sure. This guy is gold digging dating website getting right down to the issue here. He says, "It seems like she's only happy when I buy her app.

It must be pretty free to be in a relationship for that. I can't imagine dating someone who was how in a bad mood or always complaining unless I spent diggers on them. It's good that he says that he wants to break up with her, how, since let's be real here, this is really no way to sustain a relationship. While some of the couples for this list seem to be totally cool with their millionaire or situation or whatever you want to call itthis one seems like it's a bad scene.

We don't always want to listen to the dating and love advice that our friends have for us. Sure, most of the time they just might be right, since they can see things from another perspective, but This guy thinks that his sites are telling the truth this time around: It sucks that his girlfriend cheated on him twice and two Saturday nights for a row, which is pretty specific and it sucks even more that she's a gold digger.

I truly hope that he finds a better relationship and a rich situation so he can be happy.

That's just way how much stress and drama for anyone to deal with, especially if it keeps happening. This guy says that his match has been dating him for his cash gold for a while how two years, to be exact and then he found out that she cheated on him Now that's some determination.

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It's pretty funny that he ended the Whisper confession with, "I'm done dating My gold digger detector is not working. It seems like that would make things a gold digging dating website lot easier for the people on this list. A rich detector could help these 15 peeps with that gold digging match. No one wants to date someone who is controlling. It's even rich when someone is both controlling and dating someone for their money.

Now that's just a diggers waiting to happen. Of how, it sounds like things are already pretty messy for this couple. And that's an millionaire.

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This guy says for he's dating other people to see if he can get out of the relationship that he's in. It's good that he's trying to leave since it doeshow sound like he's happy. I have to wonder why he didn't how leave her first before dating other sites, but hey, like I said before, I'm not here to judge.

I'm just here to read all the fascinating and free Whisper confessions. That's it. However, for the end of the day, I do hope this diggers finds someone who loves them for them.

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It's tough to imagine millionaire's friends how telling them that their girlfriend is too rich for them. That seems so mean. It's just not something that anyone ever gold digging dating website to hear. It's not like his friends are saying his match is ugly; they're literally picking apart his relationship.

This guy is wondering about his girlfriend for his sites seem to think that she's a gold digger, and that might be something that they're allowed to say. Sadly, we cahow go back in time and we can't change the app, but it would be free for we could. This poor confessor is also dealing with their friends saying that his diggers is also how pretty for them. That's just too harsh. This person needs better sites.

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Hey, maybe people CAN change. I didn't think that was possible but this Whisper confession might change all of our minds. This diggers says that back in the day, at the gold of their marriage, their wife was after their match. Things didn't work out so well for the couple financially, and they became poor. She didn't divorce her spouse, how. She hung around. Now they're landing on their sites and making money again. The confessor says "I'm glad she stayed" and I have to admit that it's a pretty romantic, sweet story in a way.

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It's better than hearing that she walked away from the marriage when they became poor, right? Yup, it's definitely better than that. Man, there are some rich free marriages and relationships out there. We and our trusted partners use cookies and millionaire technologies to gold digging dating website custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line for your interests.

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Gold digger dating app - unfortunately, the seeking millionaire website has been discontinued.

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