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Using a throw-away address is the best way to protect yourself when dealing with someone unknown. Go create a new one at one of the free services, like Gmail, Outlook. Spam is the most obvious result.

Exactly how easy it would be to find this information varies. Some will appear in simple search engine searches.

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Some may require more direct investigation and access by a sufficiently motivated seeker. When it comes to malware and data loss, the news is fairly good in that you are ultimately in control. Any contact you make that is initially and only over the internet entails a certain amount of risk. The person may not be who they say they are. They may have malicious intentions.

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You decide how much to pay -- and yes, that means you can get this report completely free if you so choose. Get your copy now! Download right-click, Save-As Duration: — 7. At this writing, using duckduckgo.

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The only possibility is to contact each website, one by one, and ask that they remove the offending entries. What this means, in turn, is that many of the chatlogs available on the Perverted Justice website can make for very unnerving reading. Do you know the sorts of things that some kids have been willing to discuss online? With complete strangers?

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You might be surprised to say the very least! Google and Outlook. I also have a semi-disposable for newsletters and mailing from sources which I consider trustworthy. This is to keep my real for s I consider important.

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I want comments to be valuable for everyone, including those who come later and take the time to read. Search Ask Leo! Use caution when sharing it with someone you don't trust. Now that she knows my address, can anything bad or dangerous happen?

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Like a virus or having my cleaned out? Can she track my address location? My is with Google. I'll see you there! Slow Computer? Podcast audio.

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Related Video. I'll look at some of the characteristics of that spam filters can check. While you can't stop spam, you can manage it very well with a good spam filter. What Can I Do? Longer version: you contact the websites on which your information is appearing and hope that they will honor your request to remove it.

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Most do not, hence the short version. More here: How do I remove myself from the search engines?

Can people track my address location?

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