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With Pure, your private life stays private. You don't have to link social media s to your profile on Pure. We provide end-to-end encryption and automatically delete your chats in 24 hours. Table of Contents : 1. Reviews 2. Is it Safe?

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Is it Legit? Pure hookup app review not working? Report Issue. I am honestly not the kind of guy who would be looking specifically for a hookup on dating sites. But somehow I ended up downloading the app out of pure curiosity. I wasnt expecting anything from it, just was bored and felt like I need some distraction. Probably that pure hookup app review rare thing to hear from a guy, but yes, I didnt plan specifically to have ONS, just wanted something to get me out of my comfort zone. So here I am at home after work on Friday night, planning to order food delivery. Then I receive a notification from Pure saying something like "There is girl online nearby".

I decided to take a look, she looked cute, so I liked her. Affter a few minutes she actually liked me back and even texted me first. She said she is bored and feels like eating out,so I said why not. Turned out she lives very close to me, so we went to a burgers place in the same neighbourhood. It wasnt even awkward, the conversation had a nice flow. After the dinner I asked if she feels like having wine at my place, she agreed.

So at first we were simply watching "The office", ahahaha yeah I know what a weird choice for a date? And yes, early in the morning we did have sex, it was a great experience, and I hope to have more "easy" dates like this one, we both were looking for a same thing - easy sex but with good connection. I think when guys treat women with respect, anything can happen.

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Pure brought me one of my best ONS in life. I found out about Pure through their Instagram, which is full of amazing,sometimes funny, eroticIllustrations, where you pure hookup app review read about real stories that happened to Pure users. I decided to try my luck too, and downloaded the app. The first few guys with whom I chatted were ok, but then out of nowhere they suddenly sent me a xxxx pic, conversation wasn't even "hot" enough for that gesture.

But fine, I still felt adventurous and decided to get to know more guys, so there was this guy around 10 km from me, the chat was intriguing and fun but still respectful.

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I was nervous how it will go, but we got really good connection and there was definitely chemistry between us, so I invited him over to my place, and it was one of the best nights I ever had. He moved to another town, but we still text each other occasionally and meet when he is in town. I would say Pure is not for every day but once in a while when you feel like pure hookup app review adventure that's definitely a right place. Now I am recommending Pure for my friends who are seeking for an adventure, but also warn them about being conscious on safety issues.

Great app!! Pure is the application I've been using for several weeks now and with which I had a good time with several hot chicks in record time. I'm not the kind of guy who's a good talker and knows how to hit on a chick. It is the application that makes all the difference. I love it especially when I see profiles of very sexy women of all ages. Pure hookup app review diversifies my experiences. I was able to meet a woman who was much older than me but with whom I had a good time and shared many other things.

I study and live in a small town but there are many profiles of women. There is even one with whom I have already studied in the same school. I liked her and she answered me. After a few days we had a good time.

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She didn't talk too much and that was fine with me. The possibilities are enormous with Pure. You can come across people you knew before. And meeting them again through this application makes me discover new facets of their personalities that I didn't know before. But I stay more comfortable with strangers and remain anonymous. Thank you for this experience, I'll see how far all this will lead me. But one thing is for sure, I've never experienced such freedom with women before.

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This is the first time I really manage to meet people through a dating app. This application is incredible. A of profiles that are increasing and updating very quickly. Not to mention that I often come across very hot male profiles. I love the concept and simplicity that Pure offers me in its use. Five days ago I was able to have a good time with a gymnast who was very hot.

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I like the way the profiles are configured and the ease of finding them on the map. I live in close to NY and I had no idea there were so many profiles available. I have plenty of time to choose. What I have always wanted is to have a good time with the people I want and in discretion. With Pure these conditions are respected. Once I met a guy in the subway again thanks to the application. I thought I was going to finish my day normally but instead, Pure hookup app review had the opportunity to spend some good time with him and we shared some very intense moments.

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That's why Pure hookup app review recommend Pure; because this application can create new and exciting situations without much effort. I recommend this application to anyone who wants to change and enjoy good times. In any case, I am determined to continue using Pure just for curiosity and pleasure. The usual issues with dating apps. So I usually look at the different kinds of dating apps to review them. As far as the PURE hookup app is concerned.

The concept I see here does stand on its own. It seems to keep everything discreet and simple. Just in the short time I have had the app downloaded every woman I have interacted with has either been a scammer or an escort, mostly escorts.

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Though I understand it is nearly impossible to keep these people off of the app and only have a network base of mostly legitimate people. It is still very upsetting to see this app with such a great concept so abused. Furthermore it is a little steep in price as far as buying for the month I believe at 35 dollars? Mostly due to the amount for what you pay then to only be greeted by scammers and escorts. However the concept is really great and i hope this app gets under control before it is eaten alive with scams or women trying to illegally get paid for sex.

pure hookup app review

I actually love the concept of the app and out of curiosity downloaded it with no real intention on using it. I found it amusing and forgot about it. It can feel sometimes like they take a little while but they handle any issues very quickly.

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I do sometimes see a few mile away people mixed in with who is close to me. Pure app - the easiest way to get some fun times.

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If you're tired of casual xxx is so hard to get, Pure! You've come to the right place. It's the only app to get casual xxx in which users don't think about it so much and go straight to the point.