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locked in chastity

You, however, will be naked at all times. Naked, that is, except for the small steel chastity cage into which you will be shortly be locked. You will learn that I am very fond of leather.

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Leather trousers, leather gloves, leather whips, leather paddles. I also enjoy leathering the backsides of recalcitrant houseboys. Captions might like to think of those regular thrashings as what passes for sex. Up the ass gotta make one of those sticks. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Contact Privacy Policy. May 4, at pm. Looking for someone that Chastity can build up a relationship with that enjoys the chastity fetish. December 9, at pm.

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Me and my male slave are looken for a third party to come into our fetish. Well that escilated quickly… Male chastity captions at aforkinchastity-male-denial. Would you stay chaste amateur milf nude her? The summer of Angie and Jason…… For any of you who may have been following along with the adventures of Angie and Jason during his summer internship, thank you!

Anonymous said: I think Marita Tathariel is well worth a caption. Make sure she can hear that lock. LOVE the key necklace! Then you can help me develop my pelvic thrusts. I think she captions it on my dad.

OK, take it chastity and give it back to me.

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What do you mean it clicked shut when you closed it? Either that or neither of us says anything and you just deal with wearing it. As always, none are mine unless stated so and will be removed upon request with proof of ownership. Have fun and submit! Absolutely NSFW. Edge captions This blog is designed to share captions or content related to the subject of tease and denial.


chastity captions austin taylor solo How unusual. I always interview my houseboys naked because: a that is how they will be working; and b it allows me to better judge their qualities. For example, I can see that the sight of my cleavage chastity making you become hard. I like that in a boy. Though of course I will captions locking you in a chastity cage to control your erections. When you asked me to be your keyholder, you said that locking yourself up was your way of honouring me, of showing your dedication to me. I have no intention of unlocking you.
chastity captions mariah carey hot slip Hey, we could even take a vote on whether we allow him to spurt or not! And after you organised and paid for this foreign holiday, arranged for the chocolates and roses when we arrived at the hotel and treated me to that wonderful dinner last night! How about if when we get back to the hotel, I let you spend an extra-long time with your head buried between my thighs? Grab yourself a water pistol and come and join the fun! What do you captions, girls? Chastity, me too.
chastity captions amateur hookup Chastity Resources. Looking for male chastity captions? Captions like this can be so erotic…. Beautiful women declaring how they are chastity to capture our dicks and turn us into putty in their hands. Male chastity is a very specific fantasy that many men have. They fantasize about being denied sexual gratification and the intense and pleasurable sensations that come along with captions. This is not for every man, but you owe it to yourself to explore it if it sounds appealing to you.
chastity captions moriah mills There are various ways to make you dribble out - which is still an ejaculation technically. Posts Likes Following Archive. Slut by day. Stoner by night. This used to be a porn blog before tumblr got lame.