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Strip scrabble and bubble baths put the spice back into relationships

Date night for most people usually means dinner and a movie. And sure, technically date night can be whatever you want it to be, but working a little competition into your next one won't hurt. In fact, it might be just the thing to spice up your next night in.

Enter: Board games. Pencil each other in, clear the table because you'll need space for the games and the snacksand bring it—no athleticism needed.

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Plus, the tension that builds during a particularly intense round of Monopoly or Scrabble is basically just foreplay in a different form. Or, better yet, make every game strip [ insert game here ], that way everyone's a winner and you two can keep things going for a few more rounds in the bedroom. Hold on, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

First, you'll need the actual games. But since are so many to choose from, it's not unusual if you find the massive selection kind of overwhelming.

12 board games for couples to bring some healthy competition to date night

And it's pretty tough to tell which ones will actually be fun based on the tiny description written on the box. Read up on these board games that are the perfect picks for couples. You start out by collecting cards that have matching colors and play the of cards for train cars or ferries in order to link two cities on the game board.

You collect points as you connect cities, and add up points from completed tickets by the end. This one is an oldie but goodie for a reason. Hint: Set a theme, like naughty words, for any given round. Just be prepared to call your partner out when they try to use made-up words—everybody does it.

The first time we played… strip scrabble!

You and your S. Start a match, try to screw each other over, and then go about your night together. Got a short attention span? This game is here for it. You draw a card to set the topics, roll the die to figure out what letter your responses have to start with, and then race against time to write down answers for each topic…that start with your letter.

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Then, you debate your answers. It has a fast pace and just enough pressure to get both of your hearts racing. Who killed Toby and how? This game is actually deed for two players, so score!

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You and your partner solve puzzles and find hidden instructions together and, just a he up, you only have 60 minutes to figure it all out. This is legit starting with a blank slate. The kit gives you everything you need to DIY a board game, including a blank board, deck of cards, spinner, sand timer, game pieces, card clips, dice, and markers. Each topic has eight clues and the first person to blurt out the answer wins the round.

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Also, it goes fast enough that you can play multiple rounds. Keep it classic and awesome with this legendary game.

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Take turns circling the board, loading up cash, and building up properties. It lets you get out some real estate fantasies without blowing any legit cash. Feel like you need to get a little energy out? To play, you both race against each other to guess the answer based on a keyword and a clue.

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The first person to get it right, wins the round. This board game lets you showcase your artsy side. The game lasts for six rounds and you can score extra points by using certain tiles.

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Is that a thing? It is now. During Splendor, players pretend to be merchants who are trying to buy up gem mines, ways to get around, and shops to help them rack up the most points. Weight Loss. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The WH Beauty Awards. Christine Giordano. Ticket To Ride. Days of Wonder amazon. Hasbro Gaming amazon.

25 sexy games to try in the bedroom

Spy Alley. Off Topic. Off Topic amazon. Clue: The Office Edition. Hasbro amazon. Escape Room: The Game. Identity Games walmart.

Create Your Own Board Game. University Games walmart. Monopoly Classic Game. Monopoly amazon. Can't Fool Me. Game Development Group amazon.

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